Viktoriia Aliko nude in a blue “Shapka”

Viktoriia Aliko nude wearing a shapka
Ukrainian model Viktoriia Aliko wearing only a 'shapka'.

Viktoriia Aliko is a beautiful Ukrainian brunette that appears in many of CÆSAR’s photos from Kiev. Viktoriia is still very young but has an extensive portfolio and has worked with many famous photographers from Ukraine, Russia, and all parts of Europe. She has worked with CÆSAR on several occasions and they have produced many fine art nudes together.

Viktoriia has a very slim body with perfect proportions. Her legs and waistline are curvy but without excesses, and her neck and shoulders frame hew lower body with elegance and harmony. The subtle curves of her stomach produce sensual shadows that suggest the firm texture of her embrace, and her small peach-shaped breasts adorn the overall monument with grace.

This image is part of a series that CÆSAR calls “Shapka“, which is the Russian name for the winter cap she is wearing. All the images portray her completely naked, except for the shapka, and she poses on and around a sofa. The photo shoot was done with natural window light, and as the sofa is away from the window, the light creates a beautiful soft contrast and falls off into the darker area of the next room.

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